Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Travel Resources

The cost of travel to the conference should be covered by each chapter. We know that arranging travel can be a daunting task, so below are some tips, strategies and resources for you about funding and arranging your travel to the conference.

Travel funding sources

Your own chapter’s treasury. If your chapter has managed fundraising effectively this year, there should be enough funding in your chapter’s treasury to pay for at least part of your travel. Talk to your advisor about how to make this happen.

Your student activities, student life or student government office. Many institutions provide funding opportunities for students to travel to conferences. Make sure you have thoroughly researched these. Talk to your dean or vice president of student life. Apply for funding through your student government or student senate. Talk to your student union or activities staff about what other options might be available on your campus.

Your local alumni chapter. Many Mortar Board chapters are fortunate enough to be located near alumni chapters. Alumni are eager to support current Mortar Board chapters. Whether you have a current relationship with your alumni chapter or not, reach out to find out how you can work together. Get a listing of current alumni chapters or call the National Office for more information.

Mortar Board has limited stipend opportunities for chapters still struggling to fund travel. These stipends are meant for chapters facing extreme and undue hardship in funding travel. Please fill out the travel hardship application to be considered for a travel hardship stipend.

Tips for traveling by automobile

If you live within a few hours of the conference site, you may find it more economical to drive. Carpooling may be a great way for you to save time and money, and make some new Mortar Board friends! We encourage you to connect with other delegates and arrange carpools with those nearby. You can ask your section coordinator to put you in touch with other chapters in your section, or email the National Office at for assistance.

Hotel address. Sheraton Grand Phoenix, 340 North 3rd Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Parking. Parking is available at the hotel at a daily rate, which will be at your own expense. Please refer to the hotel’s website.

Rental cars. Don’t forget your car rental discounts!

Tips for traveling by air

Book early to get the best fares. According to experts, the best time to book a flight is midday on Tuesday due to airline sales and booking patterns.

Shop around. Use a variety of travel sites such as,, and to help you find the lowest fare.

E-tickets. Many airlines use electronic tickets, so you should be familiar with how to use them. E-tickets allow you to travel without a paper ticket and eliminate the worry of leaving your tickets behind. Your e-ticket is sent to you directly by email once your flight is booked. When flying, you must carry a government issued photo I.D., along with a ticket receipt (including ticket number), an itinerary (including ticket number), or a boarding pass. Check your itinerary online within 24 hours of your scheduled departure to ensure that the information that is displayed on your printed documents has not changed. Print your boarding pass.

Getting to the hotel from the airport. Please refer to the hotel’s website for transportation options from the Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX).