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The Mortar Board Forum, the official publication of Mortar Board, highlights achievements of chapters and members (current and alumni), includes updates about Mortar Board National Foundation, and serves as a way to keep the current and past members connected.

The Forum is where we tell our story -- and we want to make sure you receive it! You can sign up to receive a free electronic copy of the Forum or subscribe to the printed copy for just $25 a year.

It is currently printed three times each year. Read past issues below:

Are you in a Mortar Board family? Send us photos!

Mortar Board: a family traditionAcross the world, being a member of Mortar Board has become a family tradition. If you are in a family that has more than one member, no matter the relation, now is your chance to be featured in the Mortar Board Forum magazine.

Please email a high-resolution digital photo of you with your Mortar Board family members to along with the following:

  • The name of each family member as you would like it listed
  • The relation (parents/children, siblings/twins, cousins, etc.)
  • Each family member's job title/career or majors/minors if currently enrolled in a college or university
  • Each family member’s undergraduate university where initiated and graduation month/year
  • Optional: A small quote about having multiple family members initiated into Mortar Board.










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