Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Coronavirus Statement

Update April 10, 2020

Mortar Board urges all members to continue to observe the CDC guidelines and follow the orders issued by your local municipalities to help bring the current COVID-19 crisis to a swifter end.

We are doing our part in the National Office by teleworking and using technology to support our chapters and members.  Please reach out to

The National Council is aware of the many ways that chapters and members are supporting Mortar Board during this time. As volunteers, they also are continuing to work on strategies to cope with the crisis and help Mortar Board thrive.

Our Advisor Virtual Happy Hour is April 16 at 4 p.m. on Zoom. Register for the meeting.

Be well!


Updated March 31, 2020

The National Council commends the creativity and perseverance of all our chapters in this trying COVID Crisis. You are doing a great job for Mortar Board even as you face unknown personal challenge. It has warmed our hearts to see each of our chapters coming together in this time to remain connected and to continue the legacy of our Society by honoring the next class in the best way they can.


We’re here for you

Mortar Board wants to assure all our chapters that we are here to support you during this time. If at any time you experience issues and are unsure what to do please contact your section coordinator or the National Office. We are here for you.


Continue to select—special permissions granted

We hope, despite shutdowns and uncertainty, you will continue to lead in the amazing way you have been. We are asking that each chapter continue the selection process using virtual alternatives to connect with your chapter.


You have permission to use a small committee and an advisor to select new members if it is impossible to pull the chapter together. The Executive Committee and advisors may also conduct selection. Please let the National Office know of your plans.


Relaxed CR requirements

The National Office has relaxed the requirements for information needed for approval of your chapter’s CR. If all information is not available, you may supply just first and last name and an email address for each candidate.


Tapping creativity

We applaud the chapters who have tapped new members via personal phone calls, video calls and social media!


Virtual and rescheduled initiation

Chapters may reschedule their initiation ceremony to fall. However, if you do reschedule, we do encourage you to hold a video call this spring to introduce current and future members. Invite alumni or other speakers to address your new members virtually.  Hold a short online ceremony with an abbreviated version of the initiation script. Let the National Office know if you would like a copy of this shortened initiation.


Officer elections

During one of the virtual meetings with new members, please identify a chapter president who can attend the Mortar Board National Conference this summer, scheduled for August 7-9. We are planning as though we will be able to hold the conference safely, and time and good judgement will prevail as the weeks pass and we get closer to the end of summer.


Stay connected

We urge all chapters to continue to connect. Despite the need to put physical distance between us, we still connect online. Consider holding a Chapter Chat once a week, where the chapter comes together to discuss a topic, have a speaker, or support a cause though social media.



We are aware this sudden change in plans may have a financial effect. We encourage each chapter to explore online funding opportunities, such as gofundme. Chapters can reach out to alumni to help support the chapter. We will provide you names if you use the alumni information request. For your chapter’s tax id, contact the National Office. The National Office is focused on helping chapters to succeed.


We are offering payment plans for chapters unable to pay their $350 conference fee. Complete the online form to request a payment plan today.


Thank you for continuing to be the top leaders on your campus.