Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Advising Awards

The Excellence in Advising Awards are given to Mortar Board chapter advisors who have demonstrated a commitment to the purpose of Mortar Board and who have gone above and beyond in their work with a collegiate chapter. Nominations are to be submitted from current collegiate members, and are due on or before March 31 of each year. Nominations are reviewed by a selection committee and recipients are announced annually at the Mortar Board National Conference.

Nominate an advisor here. View past award-winners here. View Excellence in Advising with Distinction winners here.

Excellence in Advising Award Winners 2019 

The Excellence in Advising Award honors advisors annually at the national conference for providing excellent guidance and support to a collegiate chapter. Nominations are made by the chapter. This year, Mortar Board honors two amazing advisors who dedicated themselves to their chapter’s success and advancement.

After only three years advising, Chelsey Porter, fiscal and personnel manager at the Mansfield Center has made a lasting impression on everyone who works with her for the Penetralia chapter at the University of Montana. She is acutely engaged in the chapter. She attends meetings and isn't distracted by her cell phone. She replies to emails in a timely manner. Members adore her dedication and turn to her for guidance on ideas—and really anything. Without fail, Chelsey urges members to act on their ideas by providing practical tips about how best to put a plan in motion. Last Lecture was a major success thanks to her.

Excellence in Advising with Distinction Status Margot Smith (San Diego State University, 1965) has earned the Excellence in Advising honor once before. Given that Tolo chapter also won the Ruth Weimer Mount award, it's clear that Margot had much to do with the chapter's success.  She is a facilitator of brainstorming new ideas. She encouraged the chapter’s involvement with local alumni in the annual holiday wreath sale, which made the sale a huge success. Margot is a role model for her chapter. In accepting the honor, she said,  “Mortar Board is about serving important purposes that are larger than oneself. [Mortar Boards] are people of different ages, backgrounds, majors and campuses, but that is the one unifying thread.“