Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

In research conducted in 2007-2008 by the American College Honor Societies (ACHS) the greatest challenge mentioned by member societies was advisors. Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society, proudly a member of ACHS, began examining this information further and found that retaining advisors, building satisfactory advisory teams, acquisition of and support for advisors and maintaining good connections between advisors and university administrators were all opportunity areas. Late in 2009 Mortar Board developed a curriculum addressing these issues.

Participants in LEAD will learn how to:
create and maintain a strong advisory team to help the chapter and balance each advisor’s workload;
use social media effectively to create awareness and respect on campus;
effectively advise a collegiate chapter's leadership team (officers or executive committee);
cultivate relationships among a diverse group of students;
enhance students' cocurricular education through many opportunities for teaching and interacting outside of the classroom;
help chapter leaders apply their existing skills to the one-of-a-kind leadership situations they face;
enhance the advisor’s own interpersonal assets to work best with millennial students; and
apply best practices in student organization advisement like social media, fundraising, motivation, conflict resolution and risk management.

LEAD is sponsored by the Frances Aicher Lewis Endowment and the Steadman Endowment and by the Board of Trustees of the Mortar Board National Foundation.

Next program

Virtually on July 22 and 23, 2020


Why have Leadership Excellence and Advisor Development (LEAD)? Advisors are the "guides on the side" of every student organization. Each chapter needs strong advisors who exemplify the leadership traits that chapter leaders must exhibit to grow and strengthen their student organization or honor society on campus. Advisors need not "go it alone." Mortar Board wants to show support for the important role of advising and help give advisors the tools to make their advising experience a rich and rewarding one.

What is a certification for advisor? This certification program provides advisors with a credential that will be meaningful personally as well as in the workplace. Satisfactory completion entitles the advisor to claim the designation as a Certified Organization Advisor.