Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Advising Resources

Advising a Mortar Board chapter is a unique experience that allows advisors to work with the best and the brightest seniors on your campus to fulfill the ideals of leadership, scholarship and service. Advisors are encouraged to meet with the chapter and chapter officers as regularly as possible so they may become acquainted with the members and be familiar with the chapter’s goals in order to give helpful ideas and to assist in evaluating. Advisors are not expected to direct the chapter's program or work, or complete officer reports for unprepared officers. Advisors are, however, encouraged to provide suggestions and advice, and assistance when needed.

Attend as many meetings as possible
Attend all new member selection meetings
Assist in a thorough orientation for new members
Encourage use of parliamentary procedures
Assist in chapter programming
Review the chapter budget
Communicate campus policies and procedures
Serve as a sounding board for chapter officers and members
Be a resource for members especially about college/university policies and services
Aid in preserving the continuity of the chapter through minutes, files and traditions
Be generally available to assist the Society
Keep current with Mortar Board news by reading the Mortar Board Forum and e-newsletters
Maintain contact with the National Office and the section coordinator
Complete an Advisor Annual Chapter Report and submit by the deadline each spring
Aid chapters in identifying future advisors
Confer as an advisory board periodically in order to provide the best continuity for the chapters
Make sure that your chapter is current with its registration as a student organization
Remind the chapter of deadlines for reports and other paperwork that are due to the National Office
Help facilitate officer transitions
Assist the chapter in finding funding sources on their campus
Encourage the chapter to use its campus and national resources

Building a team of several advisors - Chapters are required to have at least one advisor. However, Mortar Board recommends that each chapter use three advisors, including or in addition to one administrative liaison (usually a staff member). This team structure guarantees a shared responsibility among the advisors as well as the chapter members and officers. If you have questions about the current advising structure on your campus, feel free to contact the National Office.

Attending the annual conference - Advisors are encouraged to learn more about Mortar Board and meet other advisors by attending the society's annual national conference, held the last week of July.

Overseeing the Chapter

Report forms - The chapter president is often charged with ensuring that all responsible officers submit the necessary reports in a timely manner. However, an advisor may choose to periodically review requirements and assist with reminders.

Membership selection - The advisor plays a critical role in the membership selection process by helping to secure grade point averages of prospective members and by ensuring the confidentiality of such information. Confidentiality is an important aspect of the membership selection process and includes not only grade point averages but also all discussions held on candidate qualifications. For thorough membership assistance, please download the Membership Selection Handbook or view all available online resources.

Orientation - The best way to assure a successful chapter is to spend time and energy on a good orientation process. If selected candidates are fully informed of Mortar Board’s purpose (both nationally and locally) before active commitment, they will be better prepared to fulfill those obligations.

Transition - While a great deal of emphasis is placed on a thorough orientation for the new members, it is also critical to have the retiring chapter officers fully orient their successors. The advisor’s responsibility is to cooperate in planning an annual officer transition. Transition instructions are included in the Membership Selection Handbook.