Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Alumni Chapters

There are Mortar Board alumni chapters located across the nation. Here is a list of our current active chapters. Feel free to directly contact any of the Mortar Board alumni chapter presidents listed below, or let us know if you would like us to assist you with contacting a representative. If there isn’t an alumni chapter in your area, consider starting a new chapter. Contact Cara Lisenby for more information.

Burlington, Vermont
Maggie Rosa (

Columbus, Ohio (Greater Columbus Mortar Board Alumni Chapter)
Cheryl Hagerty (

Iowa City, Iowa (Iowa City Mortar Board Alumni Association)
Kitty Buckwalter (

Knoxville, Tennessee (Carson-Newman Alumni Chapter)
Cindy Seaver (

Lafayette Indiana (Greater Lafayette Area Mortar Board Alumni Chapter)
Mary Sadowski (
Sally Watlington (

Lawrence, Kansas (Lawrence Mortar Board Alumni Chapter)
Sue Geoffrion Neverve (
Ann Gardner (

Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles Mortar Board Alumni Chapter)
Tatiana Nemanim (
Sina Famenini (

Lubbock, Texas (Mortar Board Alumni of Lubbock, Texas)
Barbara McDougal, M.D. (
Joan Callender (

Miami, Florida (Miami Mortar Board Alumni Club)
Bonnie Smith Rigg (

Muncie, Indiana (Mortar Board Alumni Club of Muncie, Indiana)
Larry Ottinger (
Charlotte Overmyer (

San Diego, California (San Diego Mortar Board Alumni)
Madison Bala (
Cassandra Neel (
Jane K. Smith (

Seattle, Washington (Mortar Board Alumni/Tolo Foundation)
Margot Smith (


State College, Pennsylvania (State College Mortar Board Alumni Club)
Abigail Diehl (

Stillwater, Oklahoma (Stillwater Mortar Board Alumni Club)
Kent Sampson (