Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Mortar Board Alumni Association (MBAA)

Recognizing the achievements of outstanding leaders and bringing them together to promote the Ideals of scholarship, leadership and service – this is what Mortar Board does on some 200 college campuses around the country.

We believe that legacy and tradition should extend beyond the collegiate experience to encompass Mortar Board’s quarter-of-a-million alumni. Through the MBAA, we connect with our alumni more distinctively and formally. This association allows Mortar Boards to affirm their commitment to our Society while also providing them with a vibrant community in which to engage.

The Mortar Board Alumni Association was launched with 108 charter members at the Launching our Legacy Luncheon, part of the 2012 Mortar Board National Conference, in Chicago on July 21.

You have the opportunity to join this select group of fascinating, talented and very intergenerational Mortar Boards. Mortar Board Alumni Association members range in age from 20-something to 90-something. They are teachers, doctors, lawyers, parents, grandparents, executives, philanthropists, retirees, first-time professionals, community leaders and volunteers. They are as versatile and diverse as Mortar Board itself.

Alumni of Mortar Board can retain their connection with the organization with an annual or lifetime membership in the Mortar Board Alumni Association. Membership is open to all initiated Mortar Board members once they have left college – either by graduation or departure from an undergraduate degree program. The Mortar Board Alumni Association replaces the former alumni sustaining membership program. Previous lifetime alumni sustaining members were grandfathered into the MBAA as lifetime members.

The benefits of Mortar Board Alumni Association membership include:
Subscription to the Mortar Board Forum magazine
Subscription to the MBAA Update quarterly e-newsletter
A beautiful Mortar Board Alumni Association lapel pin
Continued contact with Mortar Board
Being a part of an active alumni network for visible extension of Mortar Board's Ideals
A special invitation to the annual National Conference
Discounts on products and services and exclusive offers from national Mortar Board partners

Annual Dues
$45 per year - single membership
$65 per year - joint membership for you and your Mortar Board spouse or partner

Lifetime Dues
$600 - single lifetime membership
$850 - joint lifetime membership for you and your Mortar Board spouse or partner

If your annual MBAA membership expires within the next three months, please follow the instructions below to renew your membership online. If you would like to renew your membership earlier than this, please contact the National Office at 800-989-6266 or at for assistance. Orders for renewal are closed the month after your membership expires. If your membership has lapsed and you no longer have a renewal order open, you will need to purchase a new MBAA membership.

On the Renew MBAA Membership page, click the link to “Pay open order”.
Check the box to select the open dues order for your renewal and click “Next”.
If you would like to add a donation, select or enter the amount to add to your total and click “Next”.
Verify your billing address, enter your credit card information and click “Next.”
Review your order and click “Pay Now” to submit your payment.
When your payment is complete, a receipt will be emailed to you.

Download the MBAA membership form to join or renew by mail.