Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society


Why the CAP?
The CAP, or Chapter Action Plan, documents your chapter’s plan for recruitment and selection of new members as well as your chapter’s events and activities for the year. Complete this form with estimated dates, hours spent and details for your chapter’s events.

Why should our chapter complete the CAP?
Every chapter that completes the CAP earnestly and thoroughly and then follows the plan is assured of success. If you submit your CAP on or before the deadline, your chapter will take its first step toward award recognition at year’s end. The chapter president must collaborate with other officers and advisors to complete this report. It’s best if the entire chapter is involved. In addition to being a great chapter planning tool, the CAP is part of Mortar Board’s Chapter Minimum Standards.

What happens once our chapter completes the CAP?
When you have your first draft of the CAP ready, please send it to your section coordinator for initial review. Your section coordinator is the primary reviewer of your CAP and will praise really great ideas and suggest modifications that might be necessary. You can have a dialogue about where you’re excelling as well as how you might improve your CAP. Then, once you have the CAP in top condition, send it, on or before September 15 to the National Office at The staff in the National Office will review your CAP one last time with special attention to membership selection.

What if I make changes to our CAP?
If our chapter adjusts the CAP after September 15, please let your SC and National Office know unless it is an insubstantial modification. The CAP is a planning tool meant to help your chapter envision its year and make plans for key events. We understand that sometimes event dates need to be changed and members’ schedules fluctuate. But, if your membership selection deadlines shift and you are no longer able to meet the national guidelines set out in the Membership Selection Handbook, you must notify the National Office and your SC immediately. This especially includes the rules governing initiation (found in Bylaws of Mortar Board, Inc. Article VI, Section 1.16).

There are not enough spaces to add all of the chapter’s activities. What should I do?
In designing this report, we’ve been intentional about the number of spaces left under each category based on how much emphasis a chapter should be placing in a given area. So, events that should be a major focus area for your chapter have been given the most spaces. Many very active chapters may have more activities to report than there are spaces. If you need more space, just create an addendum by listing your events on a separate page and email it along with your CAP.

How can our chapter use the CAP throughout the year?
There’s an old saying, “Plan your work and work your plan.” The CAP is a plan. Work it! Bring the CAP to every Executive Committee meeting and evaluate your progress, making minor adjustments or lighting fires to get things done. Make sure your advisory team is sensitive to the CAP too so they can help you meet your goals as laid out in the CAP.