Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Mortar Board Week

Each year, Mortar Board members commemorate the February 15, 1918, founding of with Mortar Board Week. Chapters hold events that relate to Mortar Board’s purpose. These range from community service events to leadership expositions. Members are encouraged to wear their official Mortar Board badge throughout Mortar Board Week. Can't find your pin? Order a new one now!

Mortar Board Week is a great time to hold events and celebrate the founding of Mortar Board. Depending on each chapter's size and local campus activities, a group may choose to hold one event for the week or host daily activities. Below you will find assistance with both planning and publicity for the week, including an incredibly helpful Visibility Resources Folder.

Mortar Board Week is the perfect time to hold a chapter event and spread the word about Mortar Board on your campus. Events or activities exemplifying all or any of Mortar Board's three key Ideals (scholarship, leadership and service) should be planned.

Depending on your chapter's individual selection and schedule, the nomination deadline for membership may have passed. If the deadline falls after the end of Mortar Board Week, this can be a perfect time to promote Mortar Board. Some ideas include creating a detailed Mortar Board display in the student union or popular campus location, posting fliers or posters (if permitted) in visible spaces, encouraging members to show their pride by wearing their Mortar Board pins throughout the week, chalking sidewalks on your campus with information about Mortar Board Week, having chapter members staff a table at the student union and provide informational brochures and applications to potential applicants, or holding a dessert reception or mixer where potential members can attend to learn about the society.

Campus service projects
Honoring Mortar Board's Ideal of service is a great way to honor the Society's founding. Some ideas include sponsoring a study refresher for second-year students, holding a recognition program for academic advising staff that highlights their work and showcases Mortar Board, working with your director of admissions to hold a thank-you breakfast for admissions staff who work hard to enroll the best students, attending a women's athletic event as a chapter, or taking a "thank-you" flier to every advisor of a student organization to hang on the advisor's door knob.

Social events
Mortar Board Week can be a great time for chapter members to bond and celebrate the Society's founding. Whether events are open to all students, alumni, prospective members or active members, social activities can be a great way to promote Mortar Board. Some ideas include hosting a karaoke night, reserving lanes at a bowling alley, hosting a potluck or around-the-world meal, holding a dessert reception or wine tasting with prospective members or alumni, or planning a retreat or lock-in for current members.

Publicity/visibility help
During Mortar Board Week, each chapter should try to spread awareness of the organization on and around their campus. This can include making underclassmen aware of the society and enhancing a relationship with faculty and staff. Some audiences a chapter should try to reach for maximum visibility include the campus and surrounding community including students, faculty, staff and chapter alumni; campus media like the student newspaper, university communications office, university news service, radio and campus magazines; and local media outlets like newspapers and television and radio stations. Feel free to direct campus and local media to the Mortar Board Week fact sheet available online. Using these, media outlets can obtain a great amount of useful information to understand Mortar Board Week and your local chapter.