Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society


Promotional Materials

General Mortar Board brochure
Distribute this brochure at chapter events or as a part of your membership selection process. Chapters may request up to 100 professionally-printed copies of this brochure at no charge by contacting the National Office. It is available in both normal print quality and high-resolution press quality.

Letterhead template
Create chapter specific Mortar Board letterhead with this template. 

Press release template
Send press releases to your campus and community media outlets with this template.

Color (high resolution) (low resolution)
Black and white (high resolution) (low resolution)
White (high resolution) (low resolution)
With name (color) (black and white)
Centennial (color) (black and white)
Mortar Board Week (color) (black and white)

Brand and Style guidelines

Mortar Board Ode | Recording by Mortar Board Singers

Thy Ideals | Recording by Mortar Board Singers

Mortar Board Tapping Song

The Torch

Handbooks and Guides

Officer and Advisor Handbook
All chapter officers, committee chairs and advisors should thoroughly read and often refer to this guide for advice on chapter management.

How to Complete Officer Transitions

Membership Selection Handbook
This is a complete guide to membership selection. It is essential for advisors, chapter presidents and membership chairs.

Initiation Handbook
Your chapter will benefit from this complete copy of the national initiation ceremony, complete with songs, scripts and poem. There are special instructions for virtual ceremonies included.

Member Guide
This online guidebook is necessary for every Mortar Board initiate, containing the organization’s governing documents, history, structural information and more.

Chapter Operations

Alumni Information Request Form
Would you like to reach out to local Mortar Board alumni? Or, are you researching the history of your chapter and need a listing of your chapter's members? Use this form to request information about alumni. Please note, strict privacy policies must be followed with alumni information.

Parliamentary Procedures Summary
Govern your chapter properly by following these procedural rules, based on Robert’s Rules of Order.

Reading is Leading Handbook
Need help planning a Reading is Leading program or event? This guide will help you get on track.

Mortar Board 101
Learn a lot about Mortar Board as a national organization! You will be even more proud of your membership after you view this.

Selection by Consensus Sample