Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Start a Chapter

Mortar Board’s National Council invites an institution of higher education in the United States to petition for a chapter of the Society as long as it is baccalaureate degree-granting and accredited by its regional accrediting association; intends to include the Society in the fabric of student life; and has a plan to provide perpetual support for the Society’s operation through 1) meaningful advising by qualified staff and faculty, 2) annual verification of grade requirements for all eligible candidates, and 3) modest financial support for onboarding of at least one chapter officer to attend the National Conference and of an advisor to attend LEAD.

Why Mortar Board? Mortar Board is the best in the world at selecting and recognizing college juniors for high achievement and significant contributions to their campus community. Mortar Board is passionate about creating a capstone experience for members by leveraging the presence of a diverse equally-matched group of student leaders who will value their new connections with one another, learn from each other, and use their new-found synergy to enrich student life on their campus while year after year, maintaining the respect of campus officials and students alike.

Establishing Mortar Board on your Campus