Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Who may attend the 2021 Mortar Board National Conference? 

All members of a collegiate chapter may attend the 2021 conference. The conference provides members with valuable training and leadership skills that all members should take advantage of. A chapter must have at least one member attend, and that member, preferably the president, will serve as the chapter’s official delegate during the conference.


I am part of the executive team 

Your chapter’s $350 conference fee covers the attendance of the official delegate, four other officers and one advisor. This group will serve as your chapter’s executive team during the conference. The highest-ranking officer attending will automatically be designated the official delegate.


Registration scenarios for collegiate chapters 

If your chapter already has new officers elected, a chapter officer or advisor may register the team of five and one advisor now, using a single registration form linked below. If you have not selected new officers yet, you may still start the registration form and save it to continue later! Additional members beyond the five covered by the $350 conference fee may also be registered at $25 per member.


I am a member of the collegiate chapter, and I’d like to attend 

If you are not a part of your chapter’s executive team or don’t know yet, and would like to attend the conference, please click on the Collegiate Registration button. You will be asked to pay a fee of $25 to complete your registration.


I am an advisor 

Advisors are vital to the life of a chapter, and we welcome you at the national leadership conference. The leadership and chapter operations skills taught at the conference are relevant to advisors. Join your collegiate members and build connections while planning to guide the rest of the chapter. If you are the advisor serving your chapter’s conference executive team, your registration is with the executive team’s registration (linked above). Your registration will be covered by your chapter’s Conference Fee? If you are registering as an advisor apart from your chapter’s executive team, you will be prompted to complete a payment of $25 when submitting your registration.