Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Conference Workshop

No matter where you are in your career, you’ve found yourself working with a team. There are ways to improve how you interact with your peers or your students to foster productivity and reach your goals; and it’s a little more complex than you may think. Mortar Board and a generous sponsor is subsidizing the presentation of the talented Allison Sharer, president of Wingspan Training, to help us understand the complexity of teamwork.  

You will learn about the stages of the group development process and the different styles of leadership. This will help you assess your own leadership style to get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and be able to identify the stage of your team. Once your team learns to collaborate effectively, it’s important to maintain this level of productivity. You’ll learn about group maintenance and decision-making so that you may continue building up your team as time progresses and face any challenges that may emerge. 

With any group, there is the possibility for conflicts that will prevent the team from reaching its goals. Conflict can be tough to handle because it doesn’t just fall under one category; there are different subgroups, or spheres, of conflict. Allison will teach you how to analyze situations where team conflict has arisen or is likely to arise, how to handle conflict and how to actively avoid future pitfalls for the group.

The skills you will develop in this workshop may be applied to experiences in your career, chapter or even in your personal relationships. No matter which group you identify with, you’re invited to collaborate with fellow Mortar Board members during "Collaboration in Work Groups,” and boost your team-oriented skillset. When registering for the conference, be sure to sign up for this webinar!

Note: Documentation of successful completion of this workshop will be provided and can be used for self-submission three non-pre-approved continuing education contact hours.