Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society


You were selected by the Mortar Board chapter at your institution this past spring because you are among the brightest scholar-leaders on campus. More than just a recognition of your academic achievement, selection by Mortar Board honors the ways in which you have led other student organizations and served your campus community.

We invite you to reconsider your decision to decline membership in Mortar Board. Your membership fee is $80 and can be paid online or by calling the National Office (800-989-6266).

Membership in Mortar Board is not just an honor – it is an opportunity. You will have the chance to meet and work closely with a diverse group of student leaders, university administrators, and faculty and staff from around campus. Mortar Boards develop lifelong friends and a valuable alumni network. Our online career platform, Portfolium, is available as a part of membership.

Mortar Board is a Society that really does something.

We hope you will choose to join!

Follow these instructions to log in and pay your fees:

  1. Log into your account using the email address on file with the National Office and the password Password1 (case sensitive). Then, follow the instructions to change the password to one of your own choosing.
  2. Click on Memberships and Events in the left-hand sidebar to access the Mortar Board membership store. If you have logged in successfully, the $80 Collegiate Membership Fee will be displayed in the “featured items” section above all of the other listed products.
  3. Click on the Collegiate Membership Fee to be taken to the description page for this item.
  4. Click “Add to Cart.”
  5. Click “Proceed to Checkout.”
  6. Verify or enter the billing address for the card you are using. (The transaction will not work if your billing address is incorrect.)
  7. Enter your credit card information and click “Submit Order.”
  8. Keep your email receipt as proof to your chapter’s leaders that you have officially accepted membership in our esteemed Society.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at or 800-989-6266.

P.S. Your chapter may have additional local dues that will need to be paid directly to your chapter’s leaders. Please reach out to them to let them know you have accepted membership.